Sarah and Gareth – Palacete de Cazulas, Otivar, Granada

Palacete de Cazulas, Otivar, Granada

Sarah and Gareth´s Special Day

When Sarah and Gareth first contacted me for details of my services, they explained that they lived in Dubai so felt it was easiest to communicate via email. They continued by adding that they were looking forward to coming to Palacete de Cázulas, Spain for some cooler weather! as even Andalucia, with it’s hot sun was a more pleasant temperature than Dubai’s mid 40’s and 75% humidity, something I am not used to hearing. I was thinking that with Sarah being an event planner therefore not requiring one herself and Gareth with his more military and disciplined background, that this wedding was certainly not going to have any hiccups whatsoever. When we spoke later by phone we had a lovely chat and I just knew that even though she was very excited indeed, that their day would be a nice and relaxed, yet sophisticated event.
Below are just a few of my personal favourite images and the story of their day…

Sarah and Gareth’s day
Ever since I first visited Palacete de Cázulas I have had a passion for this venue for so many reasons, the main ones being it’s charm, character and tranquillity. My assistant and I set off early for Otivar, Granada and after a long journey but some beautiful views to admire we wanted to get our equipment inside and sorted before meeting Sarah and Gareth. I went upto to the bridal suite where Sarah was getting ready and took a few shots before heading over to meet Gareth. He looked dashing in a vibrant lilac shirt and navy blue 3 piece suit and pointed out to me the special gift he was given by Sarah of a very nice watch. I followed him down to the entrance hall where final touches were made to his attire and we then went round to greet more guests at the pool bar where they were having a pre ceremony drink. I returned to the room where Sarah asked me to start getting guests around from the bar and into the chapel where the ceremony was to take place, then I came back inside the main building and up the stairs of this large venue to Sarah’s room again. I knew this venue would help in keeping me fit and I got a couple more shots of a proud father coming to collect his daughter before walking her down to the chapel and down the aisle.
The Bride looked beautiful as she took the walk from the main building to the chapel where some guests were lined up outside so as to leave a path free for Sarah and her Dad to walk through. Heads were peering over each other as 10 or more guests tried to get a good view of the ceremony over the tops of guests that were squeezed at the back of this quaint chapel. It was a lovely ceremony, and a beautiful blessing that was led by a close friend and in my mind this made it all the more personal. After some personalised vows, Gareth’s brother who was also his best man passed the rings to be exchanged by Sarah and Gareth and everyone listened attentively to some meaningful readings by close friends. Gareth kissed his Bride and they both headed outside and straight down through the picturesque gardens to the bottom lawn where instead of being congratulated by everyone, it appeared they were actually thanking the guests instead!
The beautiful sun is generally not too hot in October and right at this minute it was just perfect, everyone enjoyed champagne as a light guitarist played and I couldn’t help but notice how the kids had stolen the limelight with gorgeous babies and cute kids scattered here and there. Sarah and Gareth encouraged the kids to have fun and this always makes for nice photographs. The gardens were so green, luscious and the light was simply perfect, so slipped off with Sarah and Gareth for some more artistic, creative and may I say extremely romantic images. We just had time to capture some shots inside and out of the house in a variety of different styles and feels, before a few formal photo’s with close family and friends. Dinner was set up on the longest table I’ve seen in over 200 weddings. Primarily I was thinking that the guests furthest away at each end of this table might mean a lack of atmosphere, but instead it seemed better and everyone is technically at the same table. The atmosphere was absolutely brilliant and it appeared that the “who”, “why”, “what” and “where” of seating and table layout is often completely unnecessary as there weren’t even any place names. Despite there being no seating plan I was surprised how quick everyone chose where to seat and were seated. Food was a buffet of meat or fish paella and other gorgeous traditional Spanish side dishes. It all looked so great and the buffet idea certainly was enjoyed by all. Their wedding cake had a traditional British theme which was to be expected from a British royal marine like Gareth. The speeches were very funny and there were many smiles and much laughter as some younger pictures of Sarah were passed around. The speech by her Dad was special and I could see the closeness of this family was very apparent during this time. Gareth’s Brothers speech was touching and confirmed without a doubt the close relationship between them all. The views were just stunning as the sun set in the background and day gradually turned to night. I had a quick chat with Sarah about how the day was going so far and she said that she was having a fantastic day and loved everything so far, including her gift from Gareth of a shiny new watch also. The guests finished their lovely food and they all moved over to the pool side bar for the first dance and for the evening celebrations to begin.
Sarah and Gareth were fans of an up tempo and more alternative style of first dance, that I must say is becoming gradually more and more popular. The party got going and was certainly still going strong when I left a few hours later but not before Sarah thanked me kindly and expressed so much gratitude for the help that I had offered her regarding wedding formalities prior to and on the day.
A beautiful day, what more can I say. My season of weddings started here at my favourite venue and ended here with this last big wedding of the year. I cant wait to be back here next year.

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