Paloma and Alex – Palacete de Cázulas, Otivar, Granada

Palacete de Cázulas, Otivar, Granada

Paloma and Alex´s Special Day

Palacete de Cazulas in Otivar was the setting of this very special wedding that touched my heart in many ways, as not only was it to be held at my favourite venue, but the groom had a very special story related to not only how he met his bride, but believe it or not, how he came across the Palaceté de Cázulas in the first place.

I met Paloma and Alex at their summer home in Puerto Banús and knew straight away that this would be a very special wedding. The way that they looked at each other was enough to tell me that this was a special relationship that they have. Alex told me that he had stumbled across Palaceté de Cázulas while looking at suitable locations for a movie to be filmed. The film I later found out to be Nick Love’s “action packed gangster flick set in Spain’s sun drenched Costa Del Crime” called “The Business”  and starred Danny Dyer, a movie that I had previously not seen due to it’s write-up of drugs and violence, yet have now seen because of my interest in it’s locations and thought it was a very good movie indeed.
Below are just a few of my personal favourite images and the story of their day…


A nervous Alex looked a little emotional but very smiley and happy while waiting under the shaded vine covered terrace in the courtyard outside the front doors of the main house with his best man who was in fact a woman, so “best woman”, a nice change. The ceremony was held by “Padre Peter” and although he is very funny I did notice that he obviously does not suffer fools lightly, with his bold stance and not taking his eyes off of the couple as if he was studying them and checking that this is genuine love. Paloma and Alex exchanged rings while looking at each other in a very sincere and heartfelt way, a powerful poem by a close friend (that was written by Alex himself) was absolutely perfect and I could see how deep this poem in fact was by the expressions of interest on peoples faces as they listened, shocked as they all realized how powerful the message in this poem was. Paloma held back tears during this part and after this reading their friend Russell played the piano to everyone. An Arras tradition was performed with the dropping of coins into each others hands, Padre Peter blessed them both and then Alex smashed a glass wrapped in a serviette in a typically Jewish tradition before signing a witnessed certificate of blessing.
The married couple headed towards the fountain in the centre of the gardens, dropping a button hole flower in remembrance of an absent but extremely close family member. Guests congratulated them both and closeness could easily be seen by lots of hugs and kisses from everyone as they headed to the bottom lawn for canapés and some cocktails. A guitarist played some soothing background music as the guests started show their true personalities and the lads laughed and joked about “The Business” movie, knowing they were standing right where parts of the movies was filmed I guess. The girls all looked stunning and chatted quietly upon themselves and although the weather was cloudy it was still very warm, no-one would have noticed as the atmosphere was building higher and higher with lots of laughter to be heard from all around. Paloma and Alex were enjoying their time with guest but still seemed to really enjoy their short alone time with me for some portraits at different points as I guided them in a walk around the ornamental gardens. Meanwhile, some tables were set up on the large terrace next to the pool with breathtaking views looking over the valley and we all slowly moved up towards this area to get seated. The closeness of the family was easily apparent during the speeches here and although many tears were held back you could feel the intensity of the feelings between everyone. The food was fantastic and was enjoyed by all, being transported the long distance from the kitchens over the other side of the property to this beautiful patio was not going to ruin anything during this lovely banquet.
As the sun went down over the valley, candles were lit and the ambience was perfect. The 3 tier wedding gateaux cake was cut and served straight away as music started to play from the pool bar area where the dance floor and DJ was waiting for some action. Guests gathered for the married couples first dance, which was not the slow romantic one that everyone was expecting after such and intensely close day and was instead an up beat lively dance that got the party started and drinks started flowing. The party went on till the early hours and it was said that everyone had a truly brilliant time.

A beautiful  day, beautiful people, beautiful venue… what more can I say.
Paloma has since invited me for a drink with them when they are next in Puerto Banús which I look forward to having with this lovely couple that are not only perfect for each other but kind and considerate to everyone else too.

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