Wedding Party Time

The cake has nearly gone and bar is officially open. Some truly honest smiles are starting to appear on the faces of the previously more reserved characters and the fairy lights, lanterns and candles create a freer atmosphere.
The party gets started with a romantic (or sometimes lively & funny) first dance by the bride and groom and my last chance to capture their glowing and pampered faces before the wine, starts to flow.
Up until now I have kept in the background, as unobtrusive as possible and many have not even noticed me peering through bushes at them, but I can now get some great guest shots that are more up front as their inhibitions start to wander. The bouquet is thrown to certify that the formalities of the wedding are complete and its finally OK to get merry.
The music and entertainment is now at its peak and I take this opportunity to get some last minute fun shots of the kids as they play.

Over time the images I capture for you will help keep these precious moments you see real as times change and it all fades into the background your images will be there for life.

Tip: Gals, have some flat shoes at hand and boys, a change of shirt.

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