Leanne and John – El Cortijo de los Caballos, San Pedro, Marbella

El Cortijo de los Caballos, San Pedro, Marbella

Leanne and John´s Special Day


I first heard about El Cortijo de los Caballos and met Rachel who runs it when asked to shoot the images for their Cortijo website and I straight away thought that it was a perfect venue for smaller wedding parties. This proved to be the case for Leanne and John, a lovely couple who were staying their to be married on a hot and sticky day in July.
Below are just a few of my personal favourite images and the story of their day…

Leanne and John’s day
I entered the Cortijo to a pretty relaxed atmosphere throughout really and as most friends and family were staying there at the Cortijo, I saw everyday events like the kids in pool, the men having a beer and guests playing chess amongst other games. Leanne was getting some TLC from Lorraine of Princess Bride and seemed quite relaxed also as guest’s had a light lunch of wraps, dips and suchlike, all served by Toni of Terra Sana Catering. After they had finished lunch they went to get ready so I popped back to Leanne’s preparation room to capture a few more images and I then generally floated around the Cortijo catching interesting shots as everyone got ready for the celebrations ahead. Once the guests were ready they met back up for a drink before the ceremony and looking very smart I might add. In fact I hardly recognised them as the holiday makers in there swimwear that I had met before. The scene was set and the ambiance right for a beautiful day.
Violinist, Naiara Castillejo Garcia played as John waited patiently and guests all sat for what was to be a lovely ceremony indeed. It was set up by the pool area and was partially shaded by lovely decorative umbrellas to protect the Bride, Groom and Lizzie Marriage the Spiritual Minister from an already intense sun. It was getting hoter too but they still managed to get through with it all including a very funny reading by their daughter that made everyone cry. The Mums lit some candles that I was surprised had not melted yet. The lovely couple exchanged vows and a young usher passed the rings, he was very cute indeed. Another reading by a close friend went very well and as the ceremony came to an end I was thinking this was lovely and emotional ceremony. The happy couple walked back up the aisle holding hands into a shower of confetti from the guests.
It was over to the shaded pool bar for some cocktails and canapés and to hide from the what was now a seriously hot sun. There was some mellow background music played as guests congratulated the Bride & Groom and spoke about parts of the ceremony. Everybody laughed and joked with each other and you could tell that they all agreed with me that this ceremony was not only beautiful but one to be remembered. Leanne, John and I went to a quieter area of the lush green gardens to take some creative and more artistic portrait shots. We then went to a shady area for some family images but trying to get the kids to smile and simultaneously look at the camera proved to be a bit difficult. Well I’m not quite sure what was going on behind my back (I dread to think) I was grateful as it made the kids look towards me. Meanwhile guests all sat at a long table that had been beautifully decorated with pink lilies. There were some funny and moving speeches to follow and blowing bubbles at each other appeared a simple but effective way to start the fun. A scrumptious barbecue of meat and fish by Toni was served and this relaxed but fun atmosphere was complete. Leanne and John quickly came with me to catch the sunset for same portrait images and make the most of the beautiful low evening sunlight for imagery.
A 4 tier brightly topped cake with cup cakes was cut and distributed to the mouthwatering kids who had been adoring it for hours previously. There were some kind thank you speeches and gifts were given out, including some more personalised gifts to their bridesmaid daughters and usher. From a photography aspect this was one of the most informal wedding breakfasts I have shot, in all fairness it was very very hot. We all went back to the pool area for an entertaining first dance and unbeknown to me the Bride & Groom had arranged to jump in the pool, I was gutted no one had mentioned it to me but even though I was at the time shooting in the opposite direction I still managed to quickly move round and catch them at last second before they hit the water and am very proud of my reaction times for this one. If you are a future Bride reading this, please tell your photographer if there is going to be anything out of the norm’ going on during your day and definably mention if you are going to do something crazy like jump in a pool with your wedding clothes on! The Bride & Groom went off to dry and get changed, the kids danced and had fun and by the time Leanne and John returned the party was in full swing. This wedding was simply a very honest and relaxed occasion where everyone was enjoying themselves.
It was a fun day and yet still a meaningful wedding, very relaxed and enjoyable, just as they said they had wanted.
It was lovely to meet Leanne, John and their family & friends and wish them every success in their future together.

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